Scrocchelle and biscotti

Made with ancient weat
The Scrocchelle line - the tasty crunchy breadsticks in three varieties, Natural, Spicy and Rosemary - and the Tenuta Maria Teresa Biscuits are produced with ancient grains, with a short supply chain, which allow us to rediscover the genuine flavors of our tradition.

The grains used (mainly Gentil Rosso - a native variety of the Apennines - Cappelli and Khorasan) are grown in Lucca and subsequently stone-ground at the company mill of Tenuta Maria Teresa in S. Martino in Vignale, a few kilometers from the historic center.

The company's choice to work with ancient grains is mainly dictated by the biological vocation which also distinguishes the rest of the production: the ancient varieties, in fact, adapt better to the territory, being able to do without chemical products throughout the entire supply chain, because they are used to survive in hostile territories, having been selected in times when intensive agriculture and the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides did not yet exist. For this reason they are perfect to grow under organic farming regimes, such as the one chosen by Tenuta Maria Teresa.

The taste of ancient grains remains intact and genuine, as well as their nutritional values. Products obtained from ancient grains are, in fact, more digestible, thanks to the characteristics of the gluten contained in them, which is better balanced by starch and less tenacious than industrially produced grains. These peculiarities, combined with the slow stone grinding, ensure that the flour and, consequently, its derivatives are easily digestible and maintain peculiar organoleptic characteristics.

Tenuta Maria Teresa's Scrocchelle and Biscuits are, therefore, unique and healthy products, which maintain the nuances of taste and aroma of our tradition. Thanks to the short and artisanal supply chain through which the ancient wheat flour is obtained, they also guarantee respect for biodiversity and attention to the territory, creating a combination of taste, high nutritional quality and cultural and environmental values.

Scrocchelle are ideal for an aperitif, as an accompaniment to starters, or as a substitute for bread during lunch. They also become a tasty snack during moments of rest.

Biscuits go perfectly with tea and coffee, after meals, for breakfast or during a break.

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